About Valour Park Association

The Valour Park Association is a nonprofit group that is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Canadian military vehicles and warfighting equipment.

Mission Statement

Through the establishment of publicly accessible military vehicle museums and park spaces we will provide a platform to increase public knowledge and understanding of Canadian mechanized operations and the role and work of the Canadian Army.

Vision Statement

Preservation of the Canadian Army’s mechanized military history.

Valour Park

Through the acquisition of decommissioned military equipment and accessories for restoration and display; incorporation of volunteer programs and employment programs open to the general public to repair and refurbish military equipment and accessories for display and educational purposes, for the better understanding of the general public. Through the development, administration of facilities to display military equipment and accessories, for organized events, public viewings and to facilitate access to  information. Through the development of educational materials and digital content to inform the general public on the role of the Canadian military, and to support other nonprofit organizations with similar qualified charitable objectives.

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Help us preserve history.

These historic firearms do not need to be crushed or destroyed.

Donate your prohibited firearm or firearm to the Valour Park Association. We have a prohibited firearms licence and can accept any firearm, including Prohibited Firearms.

Questions? Contact Hans J. Brink, CFSC Instructor.